Wild Love Worship Conference 26 – 28 March

Wild Love – The heart of this time is to fall in love madly with God again. It is essential to remind the priesthood that their first responsibility is to minister unto the Lord. It’s to be priests unto Him first, it’s about returning to our first love. A part of serving the church is with gifts and skilfulness, but the bigger picture is because we are in love with Him. If it doesn’t flow from this context and a love relationship, it becomes a duty.

There is a part of our time that will be an equipping of skill, getting your hands ready, and providing worship leaders with tools of how to serve the local church in a better way, but we want to equip worship leaders with how to keep their hearts and the hearts of their team on fire.

Thursday sessions will be specifically for worship leaders and overseers with an open session in the evening. The remainder of the time will be open to all worshipers. We are also looking at having an all-night worship time on the Friday evening where each congregation will be invited to join in the different timeslots.

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